You want to excel in your
career and be a great mom.


Get the practical tools, insights, and vetted community of high-achieving moms to help you conquer overwhelm and achieve your goals with confidence.



You want to excel
in your career and be a great mom.

Get the practical tools, insights, and vetted community of high-achieving moms to help you conquer overwhelm and achieve your goals with confidence.

Trusted by high-performers at:


Trusted by high-performers at:


in your career

your time

your family & self

You’ve always been a high achiever.

You’ve spent years building your career,

and now you’re building your family, too.

But it’s becoming tough to get everything done.

You’re not alone if you’re feeling …

  • Tired, overwhelmed, and desperate for work-life balance.
  • Burdened by the endless mental load of your to-do list.
  • Guilty that your attention is divided between your family and
  • Ready to move up in your career (or excel in your current role)
    —but not ready to sacrifice time with your little ones.
  • Lonely and isolated—you don’t have many career-focused
    mama friends who get it and can offer insight.
  • Disconnected from your partner because most of your energy
    is spent just trying to survive.

You’re trying to do things like …

  • Navigate your role without feeling like you’re falling behind.
  • Negotiate a raise or promotion without second-guessing your capacity for new responsibilities.
  • Figure out how to share the housework with your partner.
  • Spend quality time with your children while devoting “enough”
    time to the job you love.
  • Cross items off your never-ending to-do list.
  • Juggle work travel with feeding a baby, managing childcare schedules, and keeping your home running smoothly.
  • Balance your ambition with the limitations that come with
    having young children.
  • Cultivate relationships—both with your partner and with
    other moms who get it.

You’re exhausted trying to do it all.

Before kids, you could easily manage early meetings & after-hours bonus project sessions.

Now, squeezing in a shower before a big meeting feels like an Olympic event.

You’re not alone in trying to keep your head above water 
so you can crush your current role and be an awesome mom. 


  • Own your identity as a hard-working, high-achieving mom while showing up for your kids.
  • Get insight and advice from experts and from fellow moms with young kids who have faced similar situations as you in the workplace.
  • Befriend other high-caliber, low-ego women in a safe community where you can talk about the hard parts of working motherhood.

(Because you could do with less judgment & more encouragement as you figure this out.)


The motherhood penalty is real.

How do you safeguard your career from things like …

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  • Your boss passing you over for a promotion because they assume you can’t handle a baby and more responsibilities.
  • Not getting the lead on a big travel project because leadership assumes you won’t want to leave your kids.
  • Working a full-time job in a coveted role—but still only making $0.63 on the dollar for what the average dad makes.

Fortunately, whether you want to jump to the next level in your career or simply thrive where you’re at … there’s support waiting for you.

I N T R O D U C I N G 

The Career Mama Membership

Empowering high-achieving moms with the tools, insights, & community 
to help them excel in their careers without overwhelm.

Career Mama is a safe and welcoming online community where you can learn systems and tools to help you succeed at work and home, show up as you are, and find support for your career goals… all on your own timeline.



  • The foundational Career MamaOS, a comprehensive playbook with templates & proven frameworks, designed for high-achieving mothers striving to excel in their careers while nurturing a thriving family.
  • Monthly resources including workshops and practical tools to help you develop critical skills for accelerating your career, having a voice at the table, and thriving at home
  • Our nonjudgmental, vetted Career Mama Slack Village, a place to connect with other high-achieving moms for friendship, encouragement, & advice.
  • Intimate, curated monthly small-group discussions (virtual) where you and your peers dive into your specific challenges and discuss practical solutions.

“In Career Mama, I’m reassured there is space for ME in this world.

I haven’t lost any of my drive or ambition because I became a mom;
 in fact, I’m even more motivated because I have this new why.

Lead Product Manager, SIA

“I appreciated the perspectives on whether to attend a work conference postpartum. Hearing from women who understood my dilemma was refreshing instead of just talking to my husband. It was wonderful to have a supportive 'mom gang' since I have few career-driven mom friends to lean on.”

Sr. Technical Program Manager, Apple

“I’ve saved time and I’m now more successful in achieving my priorities at home and work thanks to Career Mama’s frameworks.”

Chief of Staff (Data Platform), Walmart

The Career
Mama Pillars


We strive for excellence and
growth in our careers.

We develop leadership skills and tools to advocate for ourselves, navigate difficult situations, and reach our full potential.


We connect with our loved ones and use systems to streamline our homes.

Being the default caregiver and carrying the mental load is exhausting. We use proven frameworks to prioritize & delegate … and enjoy time with our partners & children.


We embrace our dual roles without guilt.

We develop leadership skills and tools to advocate for ourselves, navigate difficult situations, and reach our full potential.

You can’t be the first person trying to balance a successful career & happy, thriving kids … right?!

Yet somehow, you can’t find playbooks & a private community

of high-achieving moms to come alongside you …

(and you definitely don’t have time to create your own)

… until now.

Here’s what you get when you join Career Mama:


Career MamaOS

Your Comprehensive Playbook for Success

  • Integrate your life using frameworks that align with each pillar of Career Mama: Career excellence & growth, Family connection & systems, and Self-confidence & well-being
  • Organize your work & home life using proven templates, frameworks, and guidelines to free up your time and drive alignment with your partner and colleagues
  • Develop foundational skills to advocate for yourself, get buy-in for your ideas, make strategic tradeoffs, efficiently manage projects, and more

Career Mama
Slack Village

Smart Women Having Important, Honest Conversations

  • Feel safe to show up as your raw, unfiltered self and be vulnerable with other high-caliber, low-ego moms who are also figuring out what this newest iteration of themselves looks like
  • Discuss topics like how to collaborate with difficult stakeholders, how to “turn off” your work brain so you can be present with your family, how to enforce boundaries, and how to deal with burnout
  • Post 24/7 with questions and insights about motherhood, health, work, skills, encouragement, tips, and more
careermama-slack village

Monthly Resources & Circles

Focused Learning & Small Group Accountability

  • Attend workshops led by experts, complete worksheets to apply learnings to your own life, or start using tools designed to help you find balance (you’ll also get access to past workshops)
  • Participate in Circles—one-hour, once-a-month curated small group discussions—to help you dig deeper into topics related to Career, Family, and Self, and strategize ways to apply the principles to your challenges & goals (Come as you are … pumping, no makeup, & children welcome! Circles are the only synchronous commitment in the membership.)
  • Meet for one-on-one “coffee chats” (if you want) with peers to strengthen your network, bond over similarities, and share career mom tips

“I love the connection and understanding I get from the group—I feel like I can get real advice because they really get my circumstances.”


Director of Training, Turnberry Solutions

You’ve spent years laying the foundation to get where you are. Now that you’re a mom, your progress doesn’t just stop.

You still deserve to invest in your career and yourself.

Join Career Mama for the tools & support to move up in your career & create a more balanced, fulfilled life .

Career Mama is an application-based membership

Every member of Career Mama is thoughtfully vetted, so you can rest assured you’ll be part of a high-caliber, low-ego group of high-achievers like yourself.



hats you wear as a working mom—let’s cut out some of that overwhelm and rebuild your pre-kids confidence in your excellence



dedicated to helping you navigate challenges & problem-solve in your career and motherhood

careermama-daily support


access to your fellow Career Mamas via the Career Mama Slack Village



brain drain … we’ll give you the practical how so you can skip the extra mental load of growing in your career, automate tasks, and go do



judgment (we already know you love your kids and your job, and that you’re a high-achieving mama doing your best … we’re in your corner!)

careermama-shivani Berry

Hi! I’m Shivani Berry.

As a Harvard Business School grad and former tech leader, I quickly learned that the most important skills weren’t the ones I learned in academia—they were the ones I gained through trial and error at work, and the ones I developed as I met with a small community of trusted women who understood my experience.

After seeing that gap between education and application, I founded Arise Leadership with the goal of elevating 1 million women into leadership. As our graduates started moving up in their careers (they’re 3.7x more likely to get promoted than others at their company), the topic of working motherhood came up again and again.

It all crystallized when I had my own children. I saw firsthand the isolation, stress, and overwhelm that can come with trying to integrate a thriving career with a happy family.

I wanted to create a solution to help ambitious women achieve their career goals while raising amazing kids without burning out. To help them successfully navigate this beautiful messy journey.

Thus, Career Mama was born.


Is Career Mama the
right move for you?

  • You’re not interested in mumbo jumbo … you want clear, measurable, tactical solutions to the issues you face as a high-achieving working mama.
  • You have big goals for your career in the next 6-12 months—a promotion, a leadership position, a raise—or you’re working hard to survive during an overwhelming season. Either way, you’d love to thrive without questioning whether you “deserve it” in your current season of divided attention.
  • Pursuing your career and motherhood at the same time is causing you to feel guilt, stress, overwhelm, isolation, or exhaustion. You’re ready to implement practical frameworks to get your career and home running smoothly so you can reach your full potential.
  • You’re craving solidarity with like-minded, high-performing women who understand the challenges of motherhood and working in (often) male-dominated fields.
  • You want to enjoy your children in this season. You know you take good care of them, but you wonder whether you’re investing enough emotional energy right now. At the same time, your career is a major part of your identity, and you can’t imagine taking a step back during your prime.
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I know you’re the type who does your homework.

Here are a few things you might be wondering:


Excelling in your career & thriving in motherhood
 aren’t mutually exclusive.

As you allow yourself to redefine your vision of success— to let go of your pre-kids self and embrace your newest chapter — we’ll help you be the best you can be.

  • Master actionable frameworks designed to help you take on more strategic responsibility, get promoted, negotiate raises, and navigate day-to-day challenges at work
  • Use templates to organize your professional and personal life—so you can automate, delegate, and then easily own the things that matter most to you
  • Turn working mom guilt & overwhelm into peace of mind and clarity
  • Implement strategies for filling your own cup, while you also fill everyone’s around you
  • Find solidarity with other savvy, ambitious working mamas in a judgment-free zone